Once upon a time, there was a kid who was sick.. well, actually he was not.. he just did't want to go to school.. he decided to create a tumblr page.. His page would include music, dumb ostriches, random news about his country and lots of fun.. hope you enjoy it!


#honestlyhour.. i would eat @ Mcdonalds every single day.. yeahh thats lame

Many girls have no boyfriend cuz their only love is justin bieber. #ironic beacause of him there are 1million more lonely girls. #epic.

Showing off is the fool’s idea of glory -bruce lee

#illpunchuintheface until you confess you woke up early to watch the #royalwedding I know u did.

on a scale of Justin Bieber to Chuck Norris, how manly am I?

That sad moment when you get to school right on time! :( I wanted to miss today

Justin Bieber?? Neh the real JB killed osama.. Go, jack bauer! #winning

Only blue leeches… #obl?

RT @Culturizando: Los CDs fueron diseñados para recibir 72 min. de música porque esa es la duración de la 9na Sinfonía de Beethoven.

Dovrei stare studiando :) congiuntivo noioso.. Ma c’e un compagno nuovo.. Vediamo cosa fa..